How to play Mahjong Solitaire

Mahjong Solitaire is a logic puzzle game for one player that uses a set of tiles from the classic Asian game Mahjong for four players. Regular Mahjong gaming improves memory, mental clarity and slow the aging of brain cells.

Game inventory

A standard set of mahjong tiles is used. Usually it contains 144 tiles of three types: suits tiles, trump tiles and bonus tiles.

Suits tiles

The tiles in this category are divided into three suits, each of them is numbered from one to nine, four sets in each suit. There are three different suits: Bamboo, Dots and Symbols. There are 108 tiles in total.

Dots Dots Dots
Bamboo Bamboo Bamboo
Symbols Symbols Symbols

Trump tiles

There are two different sets of trump tiles: Winds and Dragons. There are East, South, West and North winds. Dragons come in red, green, and white. Like the suit tiles, there are four identical copies of each trump tile, for a total of 28 tiles.

Winds Winds

Bonus tiles

There are two sets of bonus tiles: Flowers and Seasons. Each tile has only one copy. There are 8 tiles in this category in total.

Flowers Flowers
Seasons Seasons

Mahjong Solitaire Rules

It is necessary to remove unblocked tiles of the same color and type in pairs. There is an exception for bonus tiles. Any two Seasons tiles can be removed from the board, and each Flower tile is a pair of the other.

For example, the same tile is required to remove the Bamboo triple tile.

The East wind needs a similar tile for a pair, and the Red dragon will not work with Green and White.

But Spring can be removed in pairs with Winter, Summer or Autumn, depending on the options available. And from Flowers "bouquet" can be made in any combinations.

A tile is considered unlocked if there is no other tile on it and the left or right side is free.

If the tile is highlighted with a yellow border when you hover the cursor or tap on the screen of your phone in the mobile version — this indicates that it is open and, if there is an identical free paired tile, it can be removed.

The object of the Mahjong Solitaire game is to disassemble the constructed figure by removing two identical unblocked tiles in one move.

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